Sustainable Frankincense Harvest

To us, everyone who is involved in our company must be well. We want to leave behind a world in which people live well and happy.With responsible corporate policy and harvesting rules that protect the stocks, we want to make our contribution to a positive change in the global economy. In the continuous development of our production methods, the ecological balance, the health of the trees and the living conditions of our farmers are to be improved and stabilized in the long term.We wanted to have a good understanding of the living conditions of the local people, as well as the sensitive ecological balance before we became involved.Biodiversity and traditions can only be preserved if the dynamic balance between nature and people is supported. We believe that trade on an equal footing and with an appreciation for nature, tradition and people needs more space on the international market.

By Buying Our Natural Resin Products You Support Us in Our Mission to Let Puntland and the Other Harvesting Regions Have Their Share in the Wealth of the World.

Regional Development

Puntland is one of the poorest regions in Somalia. Our local production partners are a collective of farmers and harvest workers. For them and their families, harvesting frankincense resin has been a vital source of income for generations, as there are hardly any other gainful activities.To promote the sustainable development of this region, we buy the raw material exclusively at fair prices and stabilize the economic situation of our harvesting areas by establishing long-term partnerships based on mutual respect.

8 Reasons To Buy Premium Frankincense from Responsible Harvesting


Frankincense trees belong to the genus of the balsam tree plants. Our Boswellia carterii grows in desert-like climate on dry, stony soils. The survival artist survives droughts of up to two years without a single drop of rain! It takes 40 years before a tree can be harvested. And despite – or because of? – these extreme climatic conditions, the trees can live for more than 100 years.It is very important to us to respect the millennia-old rule that the frankincense trees may only be harvested if they had rain at the beginning of the year. This is uneconomical in the short term, but in the long term it protects the stocks and the quality of the resin remains powerful.Since rain in this region of low precipitation is often absent for a long time, we support the farmers in times of drought with food, medicine and water as much as we can.Through this economic support, the trees can be protected from premature harvesting and kept healthy in the long run.Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring that rest periods are observed and that the trees can regenerate for a year after two years of harvesting.For the resin production, we rely on the experience of our small farmers, whose ancestors developed rules over aeons to prevent unnecessary damage to the tree. We clarify the necessity of measures for sustainability and pay special attention to so-called mother trees. These are not harvested by us so they can invest all their energy in the quality of the seeds so that the stocks can renew themselves.All these factors flow together in our products and ensure the long-term consistent high quality of our natural resin products, and especially our premium frankincense products.In short, we operate sustainably by:Harvesting According to Traditional, Tree-protecting RulesSupport of Farmers in times of DroughtProtection and Maintenance of Healthy Stocks Rest PeriodeRegeneration Experience & Controlled HarvestTraining of Small Farmers in Sustainability MeasuresNo Harvesting of the Mother Trees for the Regeneration of the StocksPowerful Products That Can Be Used Sparingly

Quality Guarantee

From the harvest to the distillation of the resin, every step is accompanied by us. We rely on the controlled wild collection and careful processing, during which the resin is cleaned, peeled and sorted according to our strict guidelines.Since the quality of the essential oil depends crucially on the purity of the resin, each batch is tested for composition and purity by an independent laboratory. This ensures that there is no contamination by pesticides, extenders or a mixture with low quality resins – this is how we guarantee consistently high product quality for our customers– Strict Harvesting Guidelines– Careful Peeling, Cleaning & Sorting– Each Batch is Tested by an Independent Laboratory– No Contamination-Strict Variety PurityHarvest Regions Traceability-Consistently High Product Quality