Can I take Frankincense Oil Internally?

The purity of our products is our top priority. We have each batch of incense certified by an independent laboratory to ensure that it is not mixed with other species or contaminated in any way. Traditionally, natural incense oil is taken, but this is usually a therapeutic measure. Therefore, if you wish to take incense oil, please contact an expert such as an aromatherapist, doctor, alternative practitioner or pharmacist.

Can I use Frankincense Oil and Frankincense Hydrosol Undiluted on the Skin?

Almost all hydrosol, including our mild incense hydrosol, can be used undiluted on the skin, for example as a caring facial toner. Essential frankincense oil is also considered mild and skin-caring, but should not be used in a pure state due to the high concentration of active ingredients.

For extensive body care or massage, we recommend a dilution of 1% in fatty oil (e.g. almond), for partial applications such  foot or joint rubbing, a dilution of up to 3% of the essential oil in fatty oil. In small applications such as perfume roll-ons, up to 10% essential oil can be recommended.

Can I treat Health Problems with Frankincense Products?

For the use of frankincense products in the medical field, please contact specialists such as doctors, alternative practitioners or pharmacists.

To What Extent Do I Support Nature and People in Somalia by Buying Nature Is Unique Products?

We at Nature is Unique, as well as our partners, strictly follow the rules of controlled wild collection. In this way, we guarantee sustainable cultivation of the cultivated areas.

We buy the natural resins directly from our small farmers, which enables us to pay them a fair price. This is to ensure that they can feed their families and send their children to school until the next harvest season – without having to over-harvest the trees for fear of hunger.

What Makes the Products of Nature Is Unique so Unique?

The most important points for the creation of a first-class frankincense resin product are the condition of the trees, the time of harvesting, gentle harvesting methods, careful sorting, careful husking and cleaning, the freshness of the product, controlled transport conditions and the best processing methods. These are exactly the points that are close to our heart.

Unfortunately, we had to realize that we have to build up our own infrastructure for this purpose because there is no other way to guarantee the purity of our resins. Due to the international price pressure, resins of other Boswellia species, which are often more readily available in ports, are mixed in a controlled manner and cannot be visually distinguished.

Additionally, we want to strengthen the harvesting regions in order to bring the wealth of Europe as a diaspora to disadvantaged regions in a meaningful and sustainable way. That is why we have built up an infrastructure in which we have all the important factors in view and reliable partners at our side.

Only together we are strong!