The Frankincense Resin from the Orient

Frankincense has been a luxury trade item for thousands of years leading to the establishment of one of the first ever trade routes – the legendary frankincense route stretching from Oman via Yemen to Damascus in Syria. Traditionally, the product was used for ceremonial reasons by creating a pleasant scent through the burning of the resin. In East Africa, home of our premium frankincense, the resin was used in different spiritual rituals.

An Interesting Subject for Science: Frankincense Resin and Boswellia Acids

Recent studies conducted in modern laboratories revealed the medical potential of the ancient product in different areas of pharmaceutical applications. Dried frankincense resin contains the Boswellia acids which have pharmaceutically active components. Presently, there is an ongoing rush towards research about the potential of frankincense to prevent and treat inflammations – we will keep you informed about the latest results of these activities. However, the research in these fields does not apply directly to our products but to the healing capacities of frankincense in general. We do not claim that our products have a scientifically proven medical effect.

According to pharmaceutical science, frankincense resin is considered one of the most promising natural products of the future.

The Active Components of our Natural Products

Our frankincense essential oils contain a number of natural components which together make this essential oil an unique natural product. Some of the components are the

terpenes, α- and ß-pinenes, dipentene, camphene and phellandrene, bornylacetum, incensolacetat, linalool, octanol, octylacetat, sesquiterpene, ketone, limonene, sabine

and more than 100 other bioactive substances analysed by the APRC (s. a.) with the help of a gaschronomatograph and a mass spectrometer. Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail for a detailed laboratory report. Further information concerning Boswellia carterii can be found in the German 2008 PhD-thesis by Stephanie Seitz titled “Isolierung und Strukturaufklärung von entzündungshemmenden Inhaltsstoffen aus Weihrauchharz” (Isolation and structure elucidation of anti-inflammatory ingredients from incense resin), published at the Natural and Technical Science faculty at the University of Saarland (cf. Https// (last call by us on 21 October 2019). It must be pointed out, however, that her thesis deals with frankincense resin in general and not with our products in particular. Hence, a direct transfer of the results described in the thesis onto our products is not possible since there are different types of frankincense.

The Basis: Frankincense Resin from the Boswellia Carterii Tree

The basis of our natural products is the classic frankincense resin out of which we prepare our essential oils and hydrosols. It all starts with the gum resin extracted from the milky juice of the Boswellia carterii tree. Apart from bitter substances, natural rubber and resin extracts, we find, above all, essential oils in this natural resin of the Somali frankincense tree. Our frankincense essential oils can be taken in either through the skin or the respiratory tract. The two options have different effects and result in a feeling of relaxation and well-being.
The pure oil can be directly applied on the skin, after a test for tolerance. However, we recommend the application together with a carrier substance like almond, jojoba or avocado oil. Women who are pregnant or breast feeding should avoid taking in the pure oil.

Buying Essential Oils: A Natural Product with a Tradition

The essential oils, produced from the frankincense resin, are very popular in the regions of their origins as cosmetic substances, well suited for personal hygiene, in particular skin care. In Roman antiquity, the resin was used in praise of the emperor and for pleasant scents in homes. In the Christian regions of the world, the resin is used to create pleasant fumes by burning it in churches. It is also mentioned in the bible. According to a legend, the three wise men from the Orient brought the new-born baby Jesus frankincense, myrrh and gold as birthday presents. These presents are to symbolize the presence of the Holy Spirit, the godlike character of Jesus as well as the unity of body and soul.

• Cleaning & care of skin
• Room scenting
• Incense with prayers & meditation
• Spiritual protection

pine-like, slightly fruity, earthy, with a fresh hint of citrus


Please note that the effects of the use of frankincense described below are based on experience and traditional observations, not on placebo controlled clinical studies used in modern medicine. In addition, traditional experiences with frankincense should not be transfered directly to our modern products. Please decide on your own if you wish to try our products considering that reports of the effects are subjective and not universal – people and their taste are different.