Recommendations for the Use of Frankincense Oil

Resin essential oils are generally regarded as skin caring and regenerating, they also fulfill this function in the tree. On a psychological level, the balsam tree plants have predominantly relaxing, stabilizing and harmonizing effects, they wrap us up and protect us.

Frankincense has a mildly activating influence as well as opening up to the higher realms, while myrrh is an earthly source of relaxation and stabilization. So much that it would sometimes even like to become solid again in the bottle. Opoponax, also known as sweet myrrh, can be used if the myrrh is too heavy. It is the cheerful, sensual scent of a down-to-earth enjoyment of life. Our natural resin products are ideal for external application on the skin, as a regenerating additive in cosmetics and wellness applications or as a natural perfume. In perfumes, they fulfil the role of a fixer, which brings interesting basic notes and captures the other fragrances.

We recommend using essential oils diluted because the active ingredients are highly concentrated. It is neither necessary nor advisable from an ecological point of view to use pure essential oils, even though they are very mild, skin-friendly essential oils in general.

  • You could try our essential oil in jojoba, almond or avocado oil for skincare. One drop of essential oil on a tablespoon of carrier oil is completely sufficient!
  • As a room fragrance in private or therapeutic environments, wellness facilities and salesrooms, frankincense has proven to be particularly effective.
  • For sensual bath pleasures, 6-10 drops of essential oil on a tablespoon of oil, salt or sugar will do. Mix well, then mix it into the water and enjoy. For the sauna, we like to recommend our sauna infusion concentrate, which gives a pleasantly fresh scent when diluted in water.
  • Alternatively, you can simply place a cup of water with 3-6 drops of frankincense oil added to it into the sauna. You may also put a drop on the towel that is used to swirl the steam after the infusion.

We want to ask sensitive people to be careful when using it. Especially pregnant women and people with a tendency to migraine report discomfort with strong scenting in rare cases, even if the highest quality frankincense oil is used. This could have to do with metabolism activating effect.

Since, however, relief with frankincense oil is also reported in migraine, an individual decision should always be made.

Natural resins have proven their value in skincare over thousands of years. The different fragrances invite you to let go and relax.

Just like Myrrh and Opoponax, Our Frankincense Oil Is Suitable for All Skin Types.


Try it for yourself and report!

Natural Cosmetics & und Body Care

Wellness & Spa

Our natural resin products are perfectly suited for use in the wellness and spa area. A classic massage with frankincense oil can become a sensual aroma massage to reach a new level of relaxation. It is particularly suitable for athletes with muscle tension and people who put a lot of strain on their bodies.

The harmonizing effect of natural resins such as frankincense, myrrh and opoponax as a room fragrance can also bring about greater well-being and deeper relaxation.