9 Tips on the Use of Frankincense Essential Oils

Our frankincense essential oil is suitable for the external application on the skin as a cosmetic substance that cleans and cares. It also creates a pleasant scent and is the perfect companion in aromatic baths. In addition, it is suitable for the preparation of self-made lotions, massage oils, and natural soaps as well as for hair care. We recommend the application together with carrier oils like almond, jojoba or avocado oil. The pure oil can be applied as well, but should be tested beforehand, however, for problems with skin intolerance. The frankincense oil is also suitable for the use in sauna cabins – if it is diluted with water – and results in a very pleasant scent. Pregnant and breastfeeding women shoul not apply the pure oil, however. Also, toddlers and small children should be kept away from pure essential oils. Hereinafter, we summon up the possible applications of our essential oils:

1. Cosmetic care
2. Scent in homes
3. Aromatic baths
4. Lotions
5. Massage oil
6. Natural soaps
7. DIY hair care
8. Sauna scent
Please note: Pregnant and breastfeeding woman as well as toddlers and children should not use essential oils.

Traditionell findet sich das Weihrauchöl seit Jahrhunderten in der Kosmetik verschiedenster Kulturen. Seine Duftnote enthält würziges Nadelholz, ist erdig, leicht fruchtig, mit einem frischen Hauch von Zitrus – perfekt für eine kleine Auszeit und zur Erfrischung.

Our frankincense oil is suitable for all skin types and has a pleasantly fresh and invigorating scent.


Our tip:
The high-quality frankincense oil is ideal as an aromatic room fragrance. Two to four drops of our valuable essential oil will be used in a nebulizer or aroma diffuser for essential oils. Even a direct use is possible: Simply put 1 to 2 drops in the palms, rub and inhale with closed hands in front of the nose.

Cosmetics & Body Care

Wellness & Spa

Our frankincense products are well suited for the use in wellness and spa facilities. With frankincense oil, the classic massage can be turned into an aroma massage creating a brand-new feeling of recovery – in particular for sportsmen with stiff muscles and persons whose bodies suffer from overengagement.

In addition, the scent can enhance a relaxing atmosphere in wellness facilities for a pleasant time off.