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We are a young start up from Berlin offering natural products made of 100 % pure frankincense resin. The raw materials are delivered directly from our partners in Somalia. In order to live up to our promise of high quality standards, we select and clean the raw materials carefully. Only the best quality raw material is then refined under strict control of each step in the production line resulting in a premium product. Our exclusive essential oils are the perfect companions for your personal body hygiene as well as for the area of wellness, in aromatherapy and for classical cosmetic applications.

About Us

Quality Guarantee

We take care to provide a permanent high quality of our products enabling us to offer our customers only pure natural materials. Beginning with the harvesting right to the distilling of the resin – each step is carefully supervised by us. Since the quality of the essential oil depends decisively on the purity of the resin, every delivery is controlled by an independent laboratory on content and purity. This ensures that no contamination by pesticides, added materials, or a blending with other resin and oil species is possible.

Our partner in the chemical analysis of the materials is the Aromatic Plant Research Center (APCR) which notes on its website:

“Experts estimate that 80 % of commercially available ‘pure’ essential oils are adulterated in some way. As a third-party lab, our mission is to provide clients with a reliable source for verifying essential oil purity.”

Source: Proving Purity, APRC Aromatic Plant Research Center, https://aromaticplant.org/ (21.10. 2019)


The manufacturing of our products

In order to harvest our premium resin, the bark of the Boswellia tree is carefully cut. As a result, some transparent yellowish sap drops out. After a time of several weeks of drying, the resin will then be scratched carefully from the bark. As a next step, it is transported by foot to higher ground where it is spread for further drying in caves or on protruding rocks. After that, the material will be cleaned and the different qualitiy levels of the resin are then selected.

Only the top quality resin will then be shipped to the nearest sea port which is Dubai, and from there to Europe. There it is processed with the help of the soft steam distilling method to either etherial oils or hydrolates.

Latest development: Frankincense Supplement

We are currently in development of a very unique frankincense extract that contains a maximum amount of effective boswellic acids. For this purpose, we not only use one high-quality frankincense resin, but also the latest scientific discoveries of leading German research institutes. Almost two years of research and the interpretation of profile analyses have been incorporated into the development.

In the convenient form of a capsule, they can be easily taken. For many people, the long search for really high-quality frankincense capsules in terms of the eight important boswellic acids will come to an end. Our standardised Boswellia extract is a sustainably produced supplement that is documented and certified in Germany through the transparency of each individual production step. And meets the strict requirements of quality standards of the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.). 

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In order to always be able to offer you the best quality, every single step in the manufacturing process, from the harvest on the tree to the bottled flask, is accompanied with the utmost care by our experienced employees.

Discover a Unique Culture

Discover the harvesting of the resin in Somalia with us. Our collection of photos will give you various inspiring impressions of the locals and their environment.