Welcome to Nature is Unique 

We are a young and cross-cultural company from Berlin, rooted in Puntland-Somalia, a region famous for its premium frankincense. We focus on high-grade natural products using the varietal pure, gently wildcrafted resins we procure from our smallholders on site. A close examination of the harvest is very important to us since we want to meet high-quality standards for our natural resin products, especially when it comes to frankincense. The best selection of carefully harvested resins is made to essential oils, hydrosols and extracts.

Our essential oils bring a deep nuanced scent and a wide range of active substances that are second to none.They are suitable for natural body care and are the perfect choice for personal or professional wellness and aromatherapy applications.

We promote scientific research into the effects of natural resins as far as we can. They and the resulting discoveries help us to further refine our products and improve formulations and bioavailability. Therefore, research is as important to us as the protection of stocks and the living conditions of our small farmers.We invite you to join us on this journey!


Quality Guarantee

We ensure consistently high product quality so we can offer pure and effective natural products in the long run. The quality of the essential oil depends on the time of harvest, the harvest intervals, the geographical location and some other factors.  These include the purity of the essential oil, which is tested by an independent laboratory for varietal composition and purity in each batch. It ensures that there are no impurities by pesticides, extenders or mixing with low-quality resins. We have the analyses for quality assurance purposes carried out by the Aromatic Plant Research Center (APRC), which points out the risk of contamination on its website:”Experts estimate that 80 per cent of commercially available “pure” essential oils are adulterated in some way. As an independent laboratory, it is our mission to provide customers with a reliable source for testing the purity of essential oils”.source: Translated from the English by the website Proving Purity, APRC, https://aromaticplant.org/ (accessed on 19.9.2020)

Production of Our Frankincense Products

Every Step of the Manufacturing Process Is Closely Monitored by Our Team to Ensure You Always Receive the Best Quality and Highest Purity.

The first step taken to obtain our premium frankincense resin is to carefully tap the bark of our frankincense trees. The liquid resin emerges as a transparent yellowish, sticky liquid. Only after weeks of air-drying the congealed resin tears can be scraped off by hand and then carried to higher regions on the backs of our farmers. The resin tears are spread out on ledges and in caves to be able to dry further. Then they are taken to the village where they are cleaned and sorted according to different quality levels.According to our strict quality controls, only the resin pieces richest inactive ingredients are prepared for export and shipped to Europe.There it is gently distilled to yield frankincense essential oil and frankincense hydrosol.

Currently Being Developed – Shortly You Will Be Able to Buy Our Powerful Frankincense Extract as Nutraceutical!

We have invested two years of research and profile analysis in the development of our frankincense extract to make the best use of our valuable frankincense resin. It is used according to the latest results of German research institutes and is produced and filled in Germany according to the highest standards.Each production step is documented and the processing complies with the strict quality standards of the European pharmacopoeia.Highest Quality Made in Germany!